Merry Christmas🎅


Merry Christmas🎅

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🎄Merry Christmas

The More You Buy, The More You Save

🎄Merry Christmas

The More You Buy, The More You Save

🎅Christmas is coming soon🎅

To celebrate Christmas, our store's dog toys are on sale, so our little ones can have a Merry Christmas too! The extra special kind of gift is right here. Shop today to beat the holiday shopping rush and get your order in time before the upcoming festive season 🎄

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Endless Playtime Possibility With Dog Toy

Welcome to Petkolas - one of the best online pet store for dogs with the lowest prices and fastest delivery available. Petkolas provides top brands of toys. 

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Customized Products for Pets

Customized Products for Pets

Each dog is family member, and with a custom anti-loss tag, you will never have to worry about your dog getting lost again.

Interactive toys

Interactive toys are toys that owners can play pull and pick with their dogs. These are usually rope, ball or fluffy toys shaped like animals. 

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Chewy toys

Chewy toys is to let the dog bite like crazy, to chew toys. It's a great way to keep your teething dog from biting, it's also a great stress reliever, it's durable, it's soft.

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Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys can be filled with food, to attract dogs to play with it. Dogs need to find their own way to eat the food inside, so it allows them to think and pass the time. 

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Cat Lovers

The Petkolas store sells mainly dog toys, but if you also need a variety of products for cats, you can go shopping at Walfinds.

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Why choose Petkolas

Our vision is to cater to all your needs and free our customers to choose from an unlimited line of dog toys from across the world!

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